We Help You with Complex Decisions


As today's strategic, operational, and financial decisions become increasingly complex, Vireton was founded on the simple premise that powerful decision analytics should be accessible to everyone. With the notion that there must be a better and more effective way to deal with our increasingly complex data, we set out to develop an all-inclusive, game changing, and easy-to-use software system that allows for highly advanced analysis without all the pains, limitations and inherent flaws of industry-standard statistics packages or the much less powerful spreadsheets software. The usual concepts you are familiar with were polished and taken to the next level and everything was integrated into a decision optimization platform capable of solving the most complex decision problems.


The result? Our flagship product, Vireton Analytics was developed especially for the unique needs of individuals and companies dealing with data analysis, forecasting, risk analysis, and decision optimization. Vireton understands that every project is different; so the tools needed to do the job the right way must be able to respond and adapt. This is why flexibility was built in right from the design phase.