Insightful Data Analysis

Next Generation Business Intelligence

Instantly turn raw data into useful insights with Vireton Analytics BI capabilities. Enter your custom data or connect to multiple data sources and start slicing and dicing millions of data points to get the widest perspective of your data. Create custom relations to help Vireton Analytics understand your data and automatically gives you deeper insights.

  • Handles millions data points
  • Slice and dice multi-dimensional data
  • Easy drag and drop data manipulation
  • Define additional relations between data

Exploratory Visualization

Vireton Analytics helps you create exploratory visualizations based on patterns in your data and custom relations that you can optionally define. A wide array of standard and exploratory charts are part of the visualization module including Histograms, Stem-and-leaf plot, Pareto chart, Targeted projection pursuit, Parallel coordinates, and much more. In addition, you can easily build your own chart types and reuse it with different sets of data.

  • Automatically suggested visualization based on patterns in your data
  • Build reusable chart types
  • Drag and Drop chart creation and manipulation
  • Beautiful and interactive visualizations
  • Non-standard charts allows for uncommon insights

Data Mining

Discover important, yet subtle, patterns in your data using a number of data mining algorithms that run on our cloud HPC (High Performance Computing) infrastructure. Verify the results against theories and intuition when you create custom relations and data classes.

  • Intelligent framework to integrate theoretical and empirical knowledge
  • Advanced data mining algorithms including neural networks, clustering, association, anomaly detection, rule induction, and much more
  • Fully integrates with Vireton Analytics Forecasting functionality