Bulletproof Decision Making

Decision Optimization

Vireton Analytics allows you to make the best possible decision in a number of situations including pricing decisions, layout and location selection, product portfolio planning, load and route decisions, production schedules, allocation problems, and much more. It allows you minimize cost by significantly increasing the productivity of all the factors involved and fine-tuning the details of your operations.

  • Solve large-scale combinatorial decision problems
  • Optimize constrained and unconstrained decisions
  • Record multiple optimal solutions
  • Accommodate multiple objectives problems
  • Runs on our cluster computing infrastructure

Decision Tree

Vireton Analytics allows you to solve multi-stage decision problems and see the impact of current and future decision on your payoff using decision trees. Our decision tree will help you measure the tradeoff between risk and reward for each of the selected course of actions.

  • Solve multi-staged decision problems
  • Compare and optimize different strategies
  • Evaluate decision uncertainty

Decision Matrix

Tie the scores in your decision matrix to variables in your project and use Vireton Analytics powerful feature to get a full picture of your options. You can run a Monte Carlo simulation and evaluate your scores based on risk levels and not only weights.

  • Work with uncertain scores
  • Use your own judgment or smart weighting algorithms
  • Integrated with What-If analysis