Build Dependable Forecasts

Driver-Based Forecasting

Vireton Analytics allows you to create spreadsheets-like, formula-based models. Create forecast models quickly with the help of reusable components that can inject both data and logic into a model. Driver-based model make use of our Data Analysis capabilities to help you identify realistic forecast assumptions.

  • Edit formulas with advanced editor and an innovative syntax
  • Employ reusable components to rapidly build models
  • Audit models with dependency diagrams
  • Automatically catch logic and model errors

Statistical Forecasting

Use powerful time series analysis algorithms in conjunction with our state of the art data mining tools to make the most realistic and accurate forecasts. Get full analysis of your forecast models to pin point problem areas. Make use of a large library of forecasting models that includes Autoregressive Models, Moving Averages, ARMA, Box-Jenkins ARIMA, Cubic Spline, GARCH, Maximum Likelihood, Multiple Regression, Neural Network, Nonlinear Extrapolation, Time-Series Decomposition

  • Fully integrated with Data Mining and Driver-Based Forecasting
  • Big library of forecasting models
  • Recommendations best model to use with your data
  • Analyze forecast quality and highlight problem areas


Simulate a situation using dynamic systems or agent-based simulations and get an accurate picture of how different systems (top down approach) or different agent (bottom up approach) will shape up in the future.

  • Easy creation of Feedback Loops, Causal Loops, Cellular Automata, and more.
  • Runs on our High Performance Cloud Computing infrastructure
  • Diagrammatic approach makes the simulation easy to understand
  • Build models using familiar real life concepts