Risk Revealing Analytics

Monte Carlo Simulation

Accurately quantify your risk and identify your confidence levels with Monte Carlo simulations. Go beyond averages and get an in-depth picture of uncertain forecast assumptions and decision factors. Monte Carlo simulations are useful when determining the base-case is difficult or when dealing with high risk assumptions.


  • Multiple standard statistical distributions
  • Custom distributions maker
  • Deal with correlated random variables
  • One-click charts and visualization for results
  • Pre-configured simulation analysis

What-if and Sensitivity Analysis

Stop wasting your time searching for the variables and assumptions that matter the most. Now you can confidently identifies all risk areas in your model, vary their inputs, and output results in a Tornado Chart. This will also help you to identify the most important variables to include in a Monte Carlo simulation.

  • Automatic or manual impact analysis
  • Different kind of variations including discrete, continuous, categorical, and numerical variations
  • Tornado Chart and Spider Charts
  • Accommodate correlated and random variables
  • Model structure variations

Scenario Analysis

Create and analyze multiple outcomes quickly with our scenario manager.

  • Scenario permutations
  • Compare results side by side in scenario dashboard
  • Differentiation analysis
  • Multiple Scenario activation using aggregation functions