Decision Optimization

Optimize Choices | Score Alternatives | Satisfy Constraints

Advanced decision optimization capabilities backed by state of the art algorithms for computing the best-possible set of choices

Coordinate Choices

Identify optimized combinations of coherent choices that will achieve your objective in the most efficient way.

  • Maximize or minimize any outcome by identifying the required strategic choices
  • Design optimal combinations of products, suppliers, projects, investments, etc.
  • Identify complementary choices across your supply and value chains
  • Minimize single points of failure in your strategy

Allocate Resources

Maximize your ROI by automatically determining the best levels of resource to allocate across various tasks and business areas.

  • Synchronize resource usage across all strategic projects and available resources
  • Ensure feasibility of allocation plan using custom constraints
  • Include uncertainty to optimize for both risk and return
  • Reconfigure current resources to increase output without an additional investment

Create Options

Analyze the overall payoff and strategic options created by decisions that involve multiple intermediate steps.

  • Visualize all possible paths of sequential decision problems
  • Analyze the risk and return of long-term and multi-phase strategic programs
  • Decrease the risk of a big strategic move by breaking it down into a number of outcome-dependent intermediate steps
  • Balance the tradeoff between strategic flexibility and strategic focus

Resolve Tradeoffs

Evaluating different options or choices and select the best course of action based on multiple criteria and objectives.

  • Resolve complex tradeoffs with multi-dimensional decision criteria
  • Visualize the ranking of alternatives according a a specific decision parameters
  • Model complex decision factors and calculation
  • Build custom Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) models

Decision optimization is fully integrated with other powerful capabilities for a holistic approach to future-proofing your decisions

Solving Combinatoric Choice Problems

In many business situations, decision-makers are faced with the challenge of making coordinated choices across several different categories. However, this can be a complex and time-consuming task, particularly as the number of options available for consideration increases. Even if the number of choices within each category is relatively small, the sheer number of possible combinations can quickly become overwhelming due to the principles of combinatorics.

This complexity is further compounded by the fact that many choices are interdependent, meaning that the selection of one option can have a significant impact on the viability or desirability of other options. Additionally, some choices may be incompatible, meaning that they cannot be selected together, while others may be complementary, meaning that they work best when chosen in conjunction with one another.

Vireton Foresights leverages state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to provide the best possible solutions for complex decision-making scenarios. These algorithms can quickly explore millions of potential combinations of choices, taking into account factors such as interdependence between variables, unique benefits of each option, and any potential drawbacks or risks that may arise.

Another decision optimization approach that we support is the decision tree. This structured method represents decisions as a tree-like structure, with each branch representing a possible outcome based on different criteria. Decision trees can be used to analyze complex data sets and identify the most likely outcomes, making them valuable tools in fields such as finance and marketing.

Finally, decision matrices offer a comprehensive way to evaluate different options based on multiple criteria. By assigning weights to different factors and scoring each option accordingly, decision matrices provide a more holistic view of the decision-making landscape. They can be particularly useful when there are many different factors to consider, each with different levels of importance.

By combining these powerful tools and techniques, organizations can streamline their decision-making processes and make better, more informed choices. Whether you’re trying to optimize your supply chain, improve patient outcomes, or increase profitability, decision optimization can help you achieve your goals.

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