Carroll’s Pyramid of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility also referred to as CSR, is becoming an increasingly important topic within the business landscape today. CSR is all about doing business the right way by embracing ethical and sustainable practices and processes within your business operations in order to minimize your environmental and societal impact. Carroll’s CSR Pyramid is a simple

Reidenbach and Robin’s Five Stages of Corporate Ethical Development

Without a doubt, the topic of corporate ethics is nowadays catching up speed and is becoming more and more important in the business world. Corporate moral development is a reflection of the corporation’s culture, which in turn highlights the need to work on the shared beliefs and values of the members of the organization in

Deming’s Five Diseases of Management

Management is the heart of a company – without it, the company cannot operate, grow or expand. This is all good when management is doing a respectable job. However, management might put the business in real danger if poor decisions have been taken. For this reason, Deming has identified the most common problematic managerial areas

Adizes’ Corporate Lifecycle

Each and every company goes through a typical lifecycle; from its inception to its death. For some companies, this lifecycle lasts only a few years, yet for others, it can last for hundreds of years. Ichak Adizes, an expert in the field of management, has put forward a framework that depicts and explains the lifecycle

Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model

Developed in the early 1980s by David A. Nadler and Michael L. Tushman, the Congruence model looks into four different critical elements within an organizational landscape that aid in greater performance by achieving goal congruence. The four components of the Congruence Model 1. The People The individuals that put effort to get all the tasks

Hook Model of Behavioral Design

Nir Eyal in his book ‘Hooked’ has talked about behavioral design in order to help manufacturers create products that generate habit-forming behaviors in users. Within this context, the author has put forward the Hook Model which is compromised by four steps: 1. Trigger The first step of the model is the trigger which leads to


Although the PMESII-PT has been originally used by the military in the United States as a strategic tool, it has since then been gaining increasing popularity within the business world. PMESII-PT is used to examine and assess the external environment when the amount of operational information is vast. The tool is compromised by eight inter-connected

Hambrick and Fredrickson’s Strategy Diamond

A strategy is a much broader term than you would think. Hundreds of models within the Strategic Marketing field have attempted to explain and analyze the strategic decisions of a business. Yet, only a few of them stopped to consider the organizational areas that compromise a strategy, and how these fit together to form a

Lafley and Martin’s Five-Step Strategy Model

Amid the current chaotic business landscape, a high-quality product or service is not sufficient to overtake competitors and gain competitive advantage. It takes more than that to differentiate yourself from the clutter. What you will need is a well-crafted business strategy that takes into account the company’s aspiration, the external market, and your capabilities. All

Kraljic Portfolio Purchasing Model

The Kraljic Portfolio Purchasing Model dates back to 1983 at the time it was developed by Peter Kraljic. The model is aimed at purchasers who want to make informed purchasing decisions that will bring their costs down while maximizing performance. Kraljic’s model has been gaining increasing popularity and has been widely used in a broad