Bowman’s Strategy Clock

A firm’s strategic competitive positioning is much more important than someone would think. Without a strategic positioning s in place, a firm will struggle to attain competitive advantage against its competitors. For this reason, Bowman put forward the Bowman’ strategy clock which is a method of strategic thinking in order for a business to find

TOWS Matrix

Although the TOWS matrix may look very similar to the SWOT analysis at first sight, it is yet a very different tool for strategy generation. While the SWOT analysis is usually completed during the planning process of the strategy formulation, the TOWS analysis is often used at a later stage. Another difference is that the

Supply and Demand Curves

The concepts of supply and demand curves are definitely familiar to those who have encountered Economics at some stage in their lives. Yet, supply and demand curves are a fundamental concept that is applied on a wide variety of areas and fields, ranging from the market economy to everyday life. What is demand? Demand refers

Keller’s Brand Equity Model

In today’s competitive business landscape only a strong brand can overtake competition and win the hearts of the customers. Without a doubt, once a brand is resiliently positioned in the minds of consumers it will sure enjoy a higher potential for growth and development. Keller’s Brand Equity model looks into this assumption and further investigates

Total Quality Management

What is Total Quality Management (TQM)? Total Quality Management is a management philosophy with roots back in the 1950s. Total Quality Management represents the continual process of identifying and eliminating manufacturing defects in order to provide customers with high quality products and services. TQM is not just another model; it is a cultural value within

CAGE Distance Framework

When crafting international business strategy, companies need to evaluate the affected countries in terms of their distances, or in other words their differences. Pankaj Ghemawat identified this issue and has in turn proposed the CAGE Distance Framework which assesses the cultural, administrative, geographic and economic differences between the countries within an international strategy. These four

Economies of scale

What are economies of scale? Economies of Scale refer to the cost advantage that a firm experiences when it increases its output level. In other words, it is the advantage that large quantities have over smaller ones. This is due to the fact that when large quantities are produced, businesses can reduce their fixed costs,

BCG Matrix

The BCG matrix (also known as Boston Matrix) is a marketing model that helps businesses structure their long term strategic planning. It looks into the firm’s product portfolio and respectively identifies the main growth opportunities out there. The BCG matrix is compromised by four quadrants which are determined by the relative market share and the

PEST Analysis

One of the most widespread tools used within Strategic Marketing is the PEST analysis which examines the various environmental forces in the macronenvironment and assists marketers in understanding how these forces may affect the organization competitiveness. PEST analyses the political, economic, sociocultural and technological forces which can in turn provide a helpful insight for potential

Marketing Mix

The terms Marketing Mix and 4Ps are the marketing buzz words. If you have ever researched how to position your market offering, then you have surely bumped into these definitions. The term Marketing Mix was coined by Neil Borden and the ideal was later refined by E.Jerome McCarthy with the concept of 4Ps. This concept