Scenario Modeling

Decode Problems | Brainstorm Alternatives | Foresee Outcomes

Break down complex strategic, financial, or operational scenarios into manageable pieces and collaboratively model them using composable building blocks

Build Scenarios

Collaboratively brainstorm the relevant building blocks of the scenario and define how the situation unfolds based on their interactions.

  • Accommodate new ideas and handle developing situations
  • Enable realtime top-down, bottom-up, or middle-out collaborative planning
  • Understand shared models quickly with visual situation maps
  • Make significant structural changes without risking errors (unlike spreadsheet)

Model Decisions

Introduce multiple variations of different scenario elements and mix and match to evaluate alternative decisions and strategy configurations.

  • Switch elements to evaluate the cost and benefit of alternative choices
  • Experiment with multiple values for different levels of resource allocations
  • Reconfigure the links between elements to evaluate optimal assignment decisions
  • Group elements to test portfolios decisions and consolidation results

Calculate Outcomes

Resolve outcomes and calculated properties using natural language rule. No need to worry about cells, references and ranges.

  • Determine elements’ attribute values based on their relations
  • Automatically resolve multidimensional and relational calculations
  • Utilize easy to use business, finance, and math functions
  • Apply different rules conditionally (e.g. in forecast periods only).

Reuse Solutions

Save partial structures as “Blueprints” and reuse them in multiple projects. Imported blueprints will fuze together when you make a single connection between them.

  • Find existing solutions on our expanding Blueprints repository
  • Import, customize, and merge multiple blueprints in a single project
  • Save time by reusing common solutions (e.g. financial statements, common analysis)
  • Create blueprints in seconds with automatic fetching of all required dependencies

Modeling decision scenarios is fully integrated with other powerful capabilities for a holistic approach to future-proofing your decisions

Zero Mental Friction

Modeling a business scenario in spreadsheets is difficult because you need to translate different business concepts into cell, rows, and columns. In addition to thinking about solving a problem, now you have to think about translating it too.

This unnecessary mental friction between mental models and spreadsheets models takes a lot of time to resolve. It also results in difficult to catch mistakes that can result in costly misjudgments.

Vireton Foresight removes this mental friction and makes modeling a business scenario as easy as just thinking about it.

When you start thinking about a situation, your brain creates a mental model of “types of things” that exist in that situation and how they interact together. For example Products, Suppliers, Resource, Strength, Opportunity, Competitor, etc. Just like mental models, Vireton Foresight enables you to brainstorm and create these Types directly and without any translation. You can define their attributes, the relations between them, and how they interact.

In addition, it lets you visualize all the interactions in an easy to understand Visual Situation Map that stimulates you creativity and helps you decipher even the most complex situations.

Vireton Foresight is a collaborative, infinitely flexible, and powerful

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